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Frequently Asked Questions


What trailer can I drive with the driving license type B ?
  • Automobiles whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 3,500 kilos and which are designed and constructed for the transport of no more than eight passengers plus the driver. These cars may be towed with a trailer whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 750 kilos.
  • Set consisting of a tractor vehicle of category B and a trailer whose maximum authorized mass is greater than 750 kilos, provided that the set does not exceed 3,500 kilos.
What legal procedures should I carry out for trailer up to 750kg ?
None. The manufacturer has the obligation to deliver the documentation of the legalized and approved trailer and it is no longer mandatory to pass it by traffic nor to carry the yellow and blue triangle on the front of our vehicle.
What legal procedures should I carry out for trailer more tan 750kg ?
Enroll it with red registration in Traffic and take out a specific insurance for trailers.
What do we precise for it ?
You precise the trailer documentation provided by the manufacturer, the purchase invoice which contains the trailer frame number and the identification of who is going to be the owner.


Which means inertia brake? How does it work ?
It is the way in which the trailer axle brake is powered. This is powered by the inertia of the trailer, which tends to continue the march when the car brakes. When the car stops or slows down, the trailer maintains the speeds by inertia and as a consequence, the lance is inserted inside the exterior tube powering a lever that pulls the rod that drives the shaft drum brakes. The more you squeeze the brake pedal of the vehicle the lever will pull the brake rod stronger and more will the trailer slow down.

When the car stops slowing down, the lever returns to the normal position slowly by a shock absorber that the lever has inside.

The brake is a safety mechanism that decreases the braking distance of the ensemble.


Is the same MMA that MMR – Maximum Towable Mass ?

Not. You can´t hook any trailer to your vehicle. There is a fact on the technical sheet of the vehicle that reflects which trailers can be carried by the vehicle. This is the Maximum Towable Mass.

Maximum Authorized Mass is the maximum weight that the vehicle can carry on. This mean, the load that you add, the own vehicle weight, fuel, passengers… Same happens with trailers, you have to keep this is mind or on the contrary you will overload the trailer.

Maximum Towable Mass is the maximum mass that the vehicle can tow. There is no only one maximum towable mass, there are two. One in the case that the trailer has built-in brake, it means that it slows down by itself, and other in the case that the trailer hasn´t brake and is the tractor vehicle which supports all the trailer inertia also its own inertia.

Where can I find the information about Maximum Towable Mass ?

You can find this date on the technical sheet of the vehicle.

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